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Virtual backup apk will help you to backup the whole data of your mobile from its opening.
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A backup is a copy of data in another location on the phone and can be recovered when needed. Technology has digitalized the world at the same time; people are facing issues related to data. It requires a large memory to save any data, which is impossible for android phones. To store a large amount of data, I suggest you download the virtual backup apk. It has many advanced features that a common backup app lacks.

Don’t want to spend money on changing android? Then install the virtual apk download. This app stores bulk data in it, and you don’t have to face the shortage of storage. When you reset the phone, it is necessary to back up the data. Resetting can delete all your data. So, the alternative is necessary for data saving. And android 10 virtual is best for backup of any data such as photos and videos. It will give full backup of PC also.

virtual backup apk download

It is the most secure and reliable app. So, don’t worry about the safety. We checked it from the premium software and found no errors. It will never harm your data. Most users download different apps, but they already have harmful files that damage your data. Or, it is not recovered how much you try. But this is safe and sound; I am also using this app for users, and believe me, it has never disappointed me. Meanwhile, if you are a makeup game lover then download now makeup master mod apk.

Exciting features Of The Virtual Backup Apk

Here is a brief overview of the features that this app offers;

Batch Backup And Restore

Back up any data anytime you want. After backup, you can see the stored data. Apk backup is most widely used. It would help if you secured many worthy apps. Also, you can backup any media such as call logs, messages, and important data that is very helpful for you in the future. Moreover, if some mishap deletes your data, restore it automatically and get back your data.

Get Notified For Backup

Get notified instantly when your data is ready for backup. So, don’t let any data backup unchecked. Virtual apk acts as a reminder that can give the automatic notification of any data. Backup progress is also shown on the top bar of the screen. So, backup your data and save them easily. Security alert notification is also shown.

Backup Time

You can check the backup time. The backup data size is shown when we do any app backup. After completing the backup, you can check the date and time of the app and its size. You can easily get the date and time of data whenever you need it. Android 11 virtual apk will save it automatically. Moreover, you can do auto-backup when you want.

android 11 virtual apk download

Simple, And Easy To Use

The interface is simple but looks stylish. Select the menu from the top right corner and make changes. With 66% less disc space than other system backup apps free download can do backup five times faster. Never lose your data after using this app. It is the easiest way to secure your data with daily backup options.

Backup Selected Apps Data

You are not bound to select all types of data. Just select any app and back up its data. Scan the app and backup all the data. You can use the app and backup this data at the same time. You don’t need to close the app.; download the data back app and do a backup of your favorite app or game that is most vital for you. Create a copy and make it secure forever.

How To Use Virtual Backup Apk

Give a fresh start to your mobile by storing data in the virtual app download. Some apps on the phone surely have a backup, but it is not for all. So, you need to store data in a safe place. This app can backup messages, calls, and many other apps. Moreover, you can set the auto backup. It will scan and detect the virus also. All this happens in a few clicks; it takes no time.

Virtual apk download is just a utility app, so it is not made so attractive. But it has a simple interface and easy-to-use as this app stores data and escapes the phones from temporary storage. So, why could it be of larger volume? It has a size of only 25KB so it will create no issue with the storage. The backup process is so easy, and it is done fastly. If you have deleted something by mistake, all will be restored.

This app is free of cost, so in-app purchases are required. You can restore any app or game instantly. All the backup sizes and time are saved. You can check any time. Virtual 64 bit apk is both for 32 and 64 bit. Moreover, this app does not require rooting your device. Easily installed on any device and works on the latest versions.


If you want to save your bulk data simultaneously, don’t buy an expensive phone just because of a data backup problem, you should install this lightweight virtual android apk. It will solve all your issues and save your data in a file. You can export it to another device, move it to an SD card and share files on Whatsapp with your contacts. Moreover, this app is very secure; your data will never hack.

I hope that this article has met all your queries in your mind. However, if you feel any problem related to backup, plink me in the comment box.


Is it legal to use the mod version of any app?

Yes. It is legal to use any mod version. People consider it illegal, but I take a guarantee about the mod version; you don’t have to face any issues.

Is the app virtual backup mod apk available on the play store?

No, the virtual mod apk is not on the google play store. However, the backup and restore option is present in some phones.


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