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Touchgrind skate 2 mod apk is available here with all unlocked features.
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Skateboarding is a trendy sport in the whole world. It may not be a part of the Olympics, but many people in tier 1 countries love this sport and want to enjoy it in their free time. But the problem is that everyone has no opportunities to enjoy this sport in their life due to a shortage of time and skating grounds. That’s why today we are offering touchgrind skate 2 mod apk.

After part success, one illusion labs company decided to create its second version in 2012. They started working on it, and finally, they released the touchgrind skate 2 mod apk all unlocked game in November 2013. And now today, it is present on the google play store with more than 20M+ downloads.

Overview Of Touch Skate 2

It is a sports game. Who loves sports will automatically be attracted to it. As a stunt game, most people also love this who want to do stunts in real life. Unique gameplay is indulged in this, which will amaze you perfectly from every function. A lot of hurdles will make you the master in a short time.

touchgrind skate 2 all maps apk

It is also famous due to its fingerboard system. Fingers can control the whole gameplay. You have to move your two fingers anywhere to run your skateboard smoothly. There are no limitations according to the stunts. Everything depends on your imagination. It means you can do anything with your skate, whatever you want.

Touchgrind skate 2 1.50 mod apk is a level based game. There are more than 100 levels, and you have to pass the previous levels to check the different stories. As the group moves further, the difficulties will also increase. You have to be a master of stunts and skills for a higher level. Because your master skills will produce ease for you to pass challenging levels.

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Features Of Touchgrind Skate 2 Mod Apk

Before downloading the google skateboarding game, we will advise you to read all these features first and then play this game. Reading these features will help to become a pro player in this game in a short time. These will also help you know the pros and cons of this game in 2-3 minutes. So don’t think more and move down with us!

Realistic Gameplay

The game looks more attractive and superb when it works and looks like a real-life functionality. And it is possible only then when it has 3D graphics in it. To make the gameplay and visions more qualified, there are 3D graphics in the touchgrind skate 2 apk. These 3D graphics run smoothly on every average device. So don’t hesitate and be ready to enjoy the realistic gameplay on your mobile.

3 Game Modes

Most games did not get high popularity due to their single mode. Because some people like this mode and some dislike it. That’s why people move away from these types of games. Due to this strategy, the developer has put three different methods. That means there is no way to become bored with this game. Touchgrind skate two mod apk ios have the training, competition, and Jam session mode. It means you can do everything you want in this beautiful game.

Tutorial Videos

When we play some challenging games, we feel more difficulties after reaching higher levels. And sometimes, we have no idea what we should do to pass this hurdle. Due to this situation, we decided to leave this game. But touchgrind skate 2 mod apk latest version offers us a tutorial video section. With these tutorial videos, you can improve your skills and check how to pass that level.

Tilted Camera View

Every stunt game demands a tilted camera view to capture the stunt from every way. That’s why this game also has the feature of an oblique camera in it. This feature will help you to check your accomplishments. With this camera view, you can narrow your next move and decide what you should do next accordion to the next hurdle.

3 Different Skateparks

Skateparks are the main thing in every skating game because more skateparks produce more enjoyment. We can also consider these skateparks as the maps of this game. You can unlock these skateparks after reaching a certain level. But today, we are granting you touchgrind skate 2 mod apk all maps unlocked, which means that you will get all the maps opened at the start. You can choose any one of these three anytime.

Complete 100 Different Challenges

You can also do a lot of upgradation to your skateboard and skatepark. For this, you have to complete the challenges. After completing the challenges, you will get money or the items like stickers, high-class wheels, and many more. And then you can use them to upgrade your skateboard, skateparks, and many other things. So if you want to make any upgradation, complete the challenges and then enjoy.

Everything Unlocked

There are a lot of premium things in this game. They are not purchasable, but you can unlock them after reaching a certain level of earning a lot of in-game money. So, we are granting you touchgrind skate 2 mod apk unlimited money, which means a lot of money will already go into your account. Everything in this game needs money to upgrade. So with this money, you buy and upgrade anything whatever you want.


Above was full detail about this game. All the mentioned paragraphs are those things that we experienced while playing this game. After making modifications, we have also checked it again and again. All security functions are reserved in this mod file. So, according to us, this mod version is best instead of the original version. Click here to know about the history of this game.


Can I play this game on my pc?

Yes, you can. But for this, you have to download a pc file of this game. This apk will not work on your pc.

Is this game free or paid?

Most mod versions always come with purchases, but this mod apk file of touchgrind skate 2 mod apk is free.


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