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Smartphones are the best way of communicating with people as they allow users to enjoy a lot of messenger files. So if you are interested in such files then it is good news for you that the world’s #1 messenger app tm whatsapp apk is between us.

It is totally similar to whatsapp and it is the best way for expressing your emotions to your friends. Moreover, the size of this app is 45.84 MBs and it is suitable for android devices.

So enjoy this legal file without any hesitation and read its all basic information before using it on your devices.

The basic purpose for the creation of this app is that most of us want to link with our friends and family members in an online way. And it was so hard in the previous days.

But the company has worked hard and added all the possible things in this whatsapp. That’s why every user of this app can easily access the overall people of the world in a few seconds.

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tm whatsapp app is completely developed by Facebook, which is a very old and biggest company in the world. That’s why it has a tremendous demand on the google play store. About 100M+ people have downloaded this whatsapp, then don’t think so far?

Just pick up your mobiles and enjoy tm whatsapp apk download the latest version as early as possible. And never forget to give your precious reviews about the fantastic quality of this app. While the storyline is briefly given below:

Storyline Of Tm Whatsapp APK 2023

The storyline of tm whatsapp 2022 download is interesting and its controlling system is very easy. So if you have a low device then delete the original whatsapp and download this version.

After it, click on this whatsapp for settings, In which you have to put your own number, name, country, etc. When you put all your data, then you will be a part of this vast community and easily link with the overall people of the world.

TM Whatsapp Apk 2022

Now it is up to you which person you want for enjoyment. Save the number of people in the contact list and give them specific names.

So when you do this, you can link with them anywhere and anytime without any problem. Now use this app for free and enjoy its several functions that have superiority to the original whatsapp.

Set your own status videos, images, and text. These things are the best way to express your feelings and thoughts. Moreover, you can use different colors and text styles while using tm whatsapp lite.

There is a privacy setting option, by which you can hide your status, last seen, and many other things from other people who are present in your contact list. So now move with us to the exciting features of the game that are given below:

Exciting Features

For the ease of our customers, we explain everything and exciting features which are present in the games and apps. By doing this all the hesitation of our customers vanishes and he/she feels free.

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Therefore some of the exciting features of tm whatsapp old version are given below in detail. Read all of these for your convenience and learn a lot about them:

Increase Status Length

In general, Whatsapp users set the status for only 30 seconds and this causes boredom them because by 30 seconds they can not express their thoughts fully.

So to overcome such problems tm whatsapp promo has enabled its user to enjoy the status of five minutes.

Yes, you are listening right? So by using this new and modified whatsapp you can totally express your feelings and thoughts. And no one will stop you from such doings. Then use this awesome whatsapp and never forget to tell this amazing feature to your friends.

Multiple Contacts

As we have mentioned above, it is totally up to you which people you add to your whatsapp. But you will be happy to know some additional functions of this modded whatsapp. In normal whatsapp messenger when we forward a message to persons, a forward tag appears on the top of the message.

But in this modded whatsapp no forward tag appears while you are sending it to many people. So enjoy this awesome feature without any hesitation and feel totally free.

Send Audios, Images and Documents

In the real version of whatsapp, you are limited to sending audio songs, images, and documents. But tm whatsapp titus mukisa has broken all the limitations as it allows users to enjoy unlimited functions.

So here you can send audio songs of about 100MB, 100 images, and more than 100 documents. While in normal whatsapp you can send less than 100Mb audio, just 5 images, and limited documents.

Long Messages And Copy Status

Here, you are able to send a message of more than 250 characters which is an amazing feature. Also, you can copy the status of people who are present in your contact list without involving a status saver or any other file.

While in the original Whatsapp you don’t have any facility like that. So enjoy this awesome feature given by the developers and share this awesome feature with your friends for further success on this whatsapp.

Privacy Controls

There is no chance of insecurity because this TM WhatsApp is fully checked and secured through expert developers and premium Software.

After checking it personally on different mobiles when I used I for 4 months it can’t show any issue related to privacy and security. So trust me and download it for getting extra security features.

Mod Features

The mod features of this whatsapp are perfect for those people whose device does not support the real version. Tm whatsapp mod apk includes a lot of cheats and such cheats will be very helpful in your work. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy this app deeply then read all the modded features which are given below:

Premium Feature

It is tm whatsapp anti ban apk which is totally unique from all other whatsapp messenger files. So here you can enjoy all such functions that are absent in the real whatsapp.

Let’s carry your mobile and download this whatsapp to enjoy Auto reply, Hide conservation, Long messages, Huge status, and many more. And now we are hopeful that you can not stop yourself from plunging into this attractive app.


Some people call Tm whatsapp apk an illegal file because it is not present on the google play store and is not developed by the official whatsapp community. But we are 100% sure that it is a legal file because our customers do not face any difficulty with it.

And according to us, this version is protected from all kinds of viruses. So feel totally safe and enjoy the quality of this unique app with your friends and overall people of the world. If you wanna work on your whatsapp personal with hiding your IP, then you can use the UFO VPN mod apk.


What is tm whatsapp?

Tm whatsapp is an alternative to the old whatsapp messenger with some genuine functions and qualifications.

How does this WhatsApp work?

You have to just download this lite whatsapp on your mobile and after this, it will automatically work.

Is Tm WhatsApp Apk legal?

Tm whatsapp apk is not present on the google play store. But we assure you that you will never face any problem because it is a legal app.


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