The You Testament – 2D Coming APK + Mod Latest (Everything Unlocked)

This interactive interpretation of the Gospels puts YOU on the scene of over 50 Bible stories, where you can either repeat history or rewrite it! Follow in the footsteps of a prophet across 30 historical locations as he seeks to enlighten the masses, and find your place among 200 other characters - each with their own values and allegiances.
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The you testament mod apk is a single-player casual game in which you have to play the role of a powerful soldier. The whole gameplay is based on the ancient times of the bible when the bible was released from the sky by GOD.

In this game, you will see ancient traditions and laws. As the main role, you will be in the eyes of every man and woman. So be ready to perform the tasks honestly; otherwise, their crucial laws will destroy you.

The you testament apk is available to choose a character of your love. There are a lot of soldier characters like Thor, Skywalker, Columbus, and many more who are the favorite movies character of most people.

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It may be possible that you are also a favorite one among them. To make the gameplay more interesting, you can also choose the one you like more.

The you testament mod apk unlimited energy is the development of Mdickies, a famous developer of android games. The most popular games like wrestling revolution and school days are also his productions. This game is also his production.

According to his criteria, he always makes low graphics game that runs smoothly on every android device. He always uses simple graphics to make the gameplay smooth with zero interruptions.

Overview Of The You Testament Mod Apk

In this sport, there are round about 50+ different stories that are based on ancient times of the bible. The whole gameplay looks like the 50 chapters of the bible, and you have to pass each level to play the different levels. All fifty stories are the same as the levels. And every story has different tasks and functions that you will perform.

the you testament mod apk moddroid

The whole gameplay of the you testament 1.082 mod apk depends on your actions. Every story will offer you to perform your action on each activity, and then the future reaction will depend on your past action.

If you play the game nicely, the other people will be nice to you; otherwise, if you show them harshness, then be ready for their harsh reaction.

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The whole game is full of entertainment and knowing the laws and traditions of the ancient bible times. Everything will look real. Every function is present in the gameplay to look realistic, the same as our daily routine functions.

So be ready to take full charge of the game and prove yourself as the best player of the you testament 1.060 mod apk.

Basic Features Of The Game

Below are the main and basic features of the game that are not present in every normal version of this game and are only present in this the you testament hacks apk. So follow us to get an idea about the features of this game to start your journey as a pro player.

50+ Different Stories

Every level system game’s popularity depends on the number of levels and chapters. The higher number of levels and the lower number of levels cannot help a game reach its peak position. While an average number of chapters in every game according to its story makes the gamer’s gameplay easy and more interesting.

According to the story of this game, the developer has embedded about 50 levels in this game. And each level has its different story. You have to pass a level to unlock further chapters.

In each chapter, your role will be different. And there is no restriction to performing a specific action. You can react according to your mind. That is a way to get an idea about the traditions easily.

30+ Historical Locations

There are around 30 historical locations of the ancient bible times. Every location looks like a real location of the old times. Each location will be different, like forests, mountains, caves, villages, cities, and many more.

In each chapter, you can select your location according to your mind. 30 different maps of the you testament 1.099 mod apk will help you to give a real-life experience.

Unlock The 24 Different Powers

Mysterious powers are waiting for you. I am not talking about the simple 2,3 powers. Here is your testament cheats apk. You will be rewarded with 24 different powers that we can also say are the power of gods.

You can perform different functions in your story and chapter with these powers. But you must show the perfect power at the perfect time to pass the task easily.

the you testament all unlocked

Everything Unlocked

The whole chapters, powers, and characters will not be available at the start of the game. You have to start your journey with the simple powers and characters in the original version.

But today, we are providing you the hacked version of the real testament download apk, which has everything unlocked already. That means you can use any power or character from the start of the game without any hard work.

Easy Controls

The you testament controls are so easy and reliable for every age. You can follow these controlling systems to play this game smoothly.

A = Use For Attack
G = For Grapple
D-Pad = Double Tap To Run
Eye = For Sleep
U = For use of object
P = Use for pick-up
P+U = For combining the objects


What is the main role in the you testament?

You have to pass the missions in this game without being arrested, killed, or getting hungry.

Can non-religious people play this game?

Yes, there are also a lot of non-religious activities. Every type of person can play this game.

Final Summary

The real testament torrent download apk is now ready with the size of 37 MB. In this small size, you are gaining a lot of activities in the game, which will also help you become a real man in your life.

This game will teach you how to take care of your religion in every aspect. The main thing is that every reaction will be the same according to your action. The you testament mod apk will give you the real essence of your doings.

What's new

Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices. - Slightly faster frame rate by default (130%), which can now be changed via the "Display" options.

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