Tabou Mod Apk Download v2.4 With Unlimited (Money, Diamonds, Tickets)

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Most players entertain themselves by watching their hot favorite and romantic movies in their spare time. However, the male character in these romantic movies has a cool and decent look. On the other hand, the female character is much more beautiful and attractive. But have you ever wished to become the main character of these movies, if yes, then download the Tabou Mod Apk right now?

Actually, all romantic movies are written based on novels. In short, all movies are the visual form of written novels. However, if you belong to those players who love to read novels and stories and want to play storytelling games, then no doubt, you are at the accurate place. In addition, the taboo apk is offered by Nanobit Company and released on 30 January 2020. Till now, about 10M players have done the download process and enjoyed themselves.

General Information

The interface of this game is so simple and attractive, that’s why everyone gets completely addicted to this game. At the start of the game, the first thing that you have to do is to create your account and generate a profile in the tabou mod apk download ios. However, feel free to change the shape of your avatar according to your desire and give a cool shape to your character. In addition, various story chapters are offered so that a player gets completely immersed in charming stories.

Download tabou mod apk

Besides this, a large collection of wonderful content is being offered on the main menu. So just tap on any exciting content that you want to select. Everything will appear perfectly on your mobile screen. No hard work or effort is required, just select your story in the tabou cracked apk. Each story belongs to a complex and entertaining event. So are you ready to enjoy drama, adventure, and romance?

Amazing features Of The Tabou Mod Apk

Transform Into Your Favorite Celebrity

Before starting any story, you have to select the main character. It doesn’t matter whether a male or female. Feel free to play your important role in the story and make it fascinating for real-time in the Cheat codes engine. Moreover, a customizing feature has been added in the latest version, so that a player can freely customize and change the appearance of his character. In addition, fresh skins, hot dresses, exclusive outfits, and jewelry accessories are also added to this version.

Huge Collection Of Stories

No doubt, there are tons of fascinating stories in the tabou mod apk latest version that will bring you to a completely different scenario. Meanwhile, here is a complete detail of these famous stories:

Matchmaker is the most advanced, fresh, and hectic story where you will be presented as a Hollywood actor. So you have a good chance to wear hot dresses, engage with famous celebrities, and also find your life partner. However, it all depends on you whether you will choose real money or worldwide fame.

In the Lessons Of Lust, a young & beautiful girl will simultaneously fall in love with two nightclub owners. However, it’s only the start, just imagine your luxurious life and adventure! Moreover, you can also meet well-drawn, rich, handsome, and vulgar characters in this story.

 tabou mod apk platinmods

This story is much different from other stories because here you will have a crush on your personal bodyguard. But unluckily, you are married to a politician. However, the fire of love is burning inside you. Will you get a kind love from that muscular & sexy man?

In the Billionaire Darling story, you will be presented as an innocent, poor young girl but still attractive. Your fate simultaneously changes and you meet a billionaire handsome man. He offers you a very good price to present yourself as his girlfriend. But the billionaire man has different faces of his personality with many sudden turns.

Furthermore, here each story is categorized into various parts and chapters. You can freely enjoy very hot and romantic moments with your favorite person in the tabou stories mod apk. But it all depends on your choice. Will you be perfectly able to make decisions at various emotional moments?

Just Make Choices

Let’s understand what you actually have to do in this game. Whenever you start a story, you will face different stressful conditions like romance, thrilling actions, sadness, and emotional and fear situations. However, your main duty is to select the right answer. Different similar options and answers will be presented in front of you. One wrong or right step can change your whole life in the tabou promo codes 2022. So always be quick and careful while choosing the given options.

Unlimited Diamonds & Tickets

Most players want to get unlimited money, diamonds, tickets, and keys in the original version but they can’t succeed. Actually, reading all the stories is the only way to get virtual money, diamonds, keys, and tickets in the real version. However, it’s much easier to get unlimited keys, diamonds, and money in the modded version. If you are looking for the modded version, then download the unlimited keys and diamonds right now.

tabou mod apk unlimited gems and tickets

VIP Premium Unlocked

In the real version of this game, you can only unlock some simple and ordinary stories with no fun and romance. Moreover, when you read all the initial boring stories, new interesting and captivating stories will automatically get unlocked.

But this process takes a lot of days and weeks. However, if you want to get all the premium stories unlocked, then download the tabou premium mod apk & tabou hacked apk right now. Here all stories and chapters are unlocked free of cost.

Mod Checking

  • This modded version is many times tested by our expert developers
  • There is no chance of a virus or any kind of risk after downloading this version
  • Moreover, the privacy policy and security parameters are much more improved in this version.
  • So there is no need to think more about the Unlimited platinmods, believe me, it’s 100% safe and secure.

Final Words

This is not only a funny & romantic game, you can experience all these situations in your real life because all the stories are based on reality. In addition, all the options are smartly designed by our expert team. As a result, the Tabou Mod Apk becomes more exciting and interesting. Will you make the perfect decisions at the right time?


Can you get free diamonds on Tabou?
Alright, you can get countless diamonds without any cost.
How do I change my Tabou hairstyle?
It’s very easy and simple to change your hairstyle in this game. Just tap on a hairstyle that you want to choose and get it.

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