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Slither your snake around in this fun 3D multiplayer snake io game - Become the biggest snake, worm or serpiente and don’t let the other snakes and worms hit!
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If you were born in the 90s, then you must have played the snake game on your Nokia phone. At that time, there were no gaming phones except ordinary keypad mobiles. But as technology has developed, people get more entertaining games with colourful graphics and exciting features on smartphones. Similarly, today we are granting you the best snake game named Snake Rivals Mod Apk

This is a fantastic game that has won the hearts of millions of people by recalling their childhood memories. It is very familiar among both children and old age people. That’s why it has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the app store and other browsers. I think you are the only one who is missing the chance to play this amazing game.

If you are looking for a snake game to memorise your childhood memories, then there is no better option than this game. Although the snake game on the Nokia phone was not very entertaining. It has a simple black and white colour and theme. The game that we are offering today is filled with 3D technology and high-quality graphics. Don’t be late, just download the modded google snake right now.

Exciting Gameplay

Snake rival is a game that has very simple and intuitive gameplay. We are sure that you will get addicted to it until you will not become a snake master. At the very start of this game, you will be a small snake who has to eat apples and engulf tiny obstacles. But that’s not enough! You have to transform yourself into a monster snake by eating everything.

snake game unlimited apples

Moreover, In the apple snake hacked game, you can find a lot of snakes of various sizes and shapes. However, you can also customise and upgrade them by changing their colour and style. So feel comfortable while searching for your favourite snake. In addition, there is an indicator to guide you.

There are a lot of missions and challenges. You have to complete these tasks to win the game or to earn money. Different battles and monsters from all over the world are waiting for you. You have to defeat them by eating them. Moreover, you can also play with your friends and buddies in online multiplayer.

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Interesting features Of Snake Rivals Mod Apk

The developer has worked hard continuously for six months to add tons of brilliant features. All these features are created for the facility of our customers. We always try our best to entertain our customers. So just be loyal and download the snake google game mods just now. Some extra features of this game are below here:

Easy & Simple Controls

For the convenience of our customers, the developer has granted very simple and easy controls. I think these controls are one of the easiest in the whole world. You have to just swipe the screen of your smartphone to control all the moments of the snake in the hacked snake game. Furthermore, the moments of your snake are always Omnidirectional to create simplicity.

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Unlock Extra Snakes

Here in this game, you can unlock extra snakes easily. No doubt, at the start of the game, you will be a small snake-like a ball, but as the game progresses, you can transform into a monster snake in snake mods. Feel free to unlock various heads of snakes including piranha snake, horse snake, dog snake, eagle snake, Minecraft snake, and many others. You can select your favourite one anytime.

Customise Your Snake

Customization is also one of the entertaining parts of this game because of the funny options. So you can customise and change the colour, style, size, and head of your snake in the snake mods download. Besides this, you can also change the emotes to show emotions and feelings at critical moments. That looks funny.

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New Game Modes

In the snake game modded, you can find three exciting and thrilling game modes. First is the Gold Rush Mode. In this mode, you have to kill opponents in a given limited time. For example, kill 5 enemies in a limited time. In Classic Mode, try to make your snake as long as possible. At the last, In the Battle Royal Mode, you have only one life. If you die, you will lose the game.

Online Battles

In the previous version of the game, there was no multiplayer option. But in the latest version, you can compete with world pro players in online mode. Similarly, you will need a stable internet connection for it. Be aggressive or defensive, It’s your choice. Note one thing, always maintain the top position on the leaderboard.

Unlimited Coins & Money

In the original version, when you sign in and register your account, you can get some coins and money as a reward. But this offer is limited to one time. You will need money to proceed and to unlock new features. While downloading the snake unlimited apples, you can earn coins and money for free. Hence, feel free to unlock everything with this virtual money.


Q: How to get snake mods?

Please visit our website to download this game.

Q: Is Snake Rivals Mod Apk online?

Yes, you can play this game offline and online.

Q: How to get google snake mods?

Press the link given on our website and install it.

Q: How can I find my save data after playing the game?

All the information will be provided in the guideline.


I hope you will make an ideal choice and download the Snake Rivals Mod Apk on your smartphone. Your task is quite simple and easy. Just control the motion of your snake by swiping left and right. Choose your favourite snake and then make it bigger and bigger. Engulf everything coming your way. While online multiplayer is much more exciting than all other game modes.

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