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Today flying is very common due to the possibility of planes. And it requires a big amount of money. While some poor people dont afford the flying. That’s why today I am introducing you to a flying game simpleplanes apk latest version. By which you can get the fun of the sky. Many plane models are present here. Let’s construct the planes of your choice. Enjoy several paths and refresh yourself. Get the fun of the racing and win exciting rewards from the game community.

simple planes app

The simple plane app is a simulation game developed by Jundroo, LLC. The game has many features. Each feature has its importance. So when you play, you will be addicted to the game. While the size of the game is not very large. Even an android user can play it on his mobile. The popularity of the game is increasing tremendously. As 50M+ people play it for entertainment. So let’s download simple plane from this page and amaze yourself with exciting things.

How To Play Simple Planes Android Apk?

The gameplay of free simple planes is fascinating. Here, you have to perform the role of an engineer who has to construct various planes. There are many parts and modes of planes. And you can design the plane by following the guidelines. Always make beautiful planes model. Besides this, you can also participate in races. But make sure that your plane is best of the all other planes. Before racing, take a look at the plane fuel and the maps. Then move the plane towards the destination.

Moreover, the simpleplanes mod has a variety of missions. And you have to complete them for further playing. Each mission will make your position strong in the game. On the completion of the missions, you will get superb rewards from the game. Try your best for winning all races. And defeat all the other pilots. Rockets are the best choice by which you can damage the other planes. So use them if any plane is moving before you. Enjoy different tracks and maps for soaring in the sky.

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Wonderful Features Of Simpleplanes Apk

Easy Controls

Simple planes apk download offers easy controls. If you understand these controls then you will be a perfect pilot in a short time. The game’s environment runs smoothly. So when you drive the plane, you will feel like a real pilot. Here, you have to just click on the screen buttons. And the planes will move according to your wishes. So it is on you where you are moving the plane. If you use the right side button then the plane will follow your order. And if you want to move to the left side, then use the left side button. Thus feel free and enjoy these virtual controls.

simpleplanes controls

Customise The Planes

The main feature of simple planes downloads is that here you are an engineer. There are various tools and plane parts by which you can make the plane zero to hero. If you want to create an awesome plane model then give your full time to the customisation. Use the premium parts of planes and fuel, so that your plane will look best from all sides. And you can save them in the game. I always suggest you use these powerful planes as they contain automatic functions. While dont forget to add the rocket and missiles to your planes.

Test Flights

After the customisation of the plane, the question is whether the plane is ready for flying or not? If your plane is not giving a quick response then again check its parts. You should use good quality fuel, booster and other items. Hopefully, its work will be improved. Before moving to the races, test the planes. If your plane gives good functioning then you should move into the races. Otherwise, you should not participate in the races. Thus if you feel that your plane is ready then challenge the other opponents and earn fame.

Complete Various Missions

Mission are the best item for determining the importance of the games. The popularity of games always depends on them. That’s why simple planes game free is offering a variety of missions for you. Each mission has a unique way and reward. So try to perform them in a specific order for exciting rewards. Note that winning will always give you premium rewards. While the failure of these missions will not give you exciting rewards. But dont lose your heart and complete all missions for increasing your rank. And play the hard missions for experience.

Upgrade The Aircrafts

If you feel difficulties in winning then just focus on the upgrading. Because it is the only phenomenon that makes your progress easily. And also it changes the look and design of the plane. So in upgrading, you should use powerful wheels, skins, mirrors, fuel and other items. Always remember that upgrading decreases the winning chances of other players. In this way, you can become the king of the plane world. Thus If you want to participate in races, then you should use the upgraded planes as they are perfect.

simpleplanes 1.8


Hopefully, after reading this article you have learned what is the simple plane apk? So it is a simulation game where a lot of plane models and tools are available. By using these items, you can design awesome quality planes. After it, you should challenge the opponents for winning unbelievable prizes.

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In the race, you should use the master quality rocket for destroying the other planes. Thus this game is perfect as there are many beautiful planes, and places for peace of mind. So just click on the download button and get the simpleplanes for free.


Q: Can I download the simple plane apk from the google play store?

No, you can not download the simple plane apk from the google play store. Because it is a modded version that only we are providing.

Q: What is the size of this game?

The size of this game is not heavy it is only the 104MBs.

Q: What sort of planes can I design in a simple plane apk?

In a simple plane apk, you can design planes of all kinds like WW2, Civilian aircraft, Dragons and Fighter jets.

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