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One day, you go to the attic and talk to your depressed friend who lives alone. Watch as the room gradually changes with heart and water. It is hard for people to get close right away.
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If you want to try some new games, then necessarily try the casual game rainy attic room mod apk. Nowadays, different types of games are released. Each game has its unique features and gameplay quite different from others.

More than 3 billion people, from kids to old age, play games of different categories as they like. The game range from simple to action and fighting. Most of the games increase their skills and improve their mind.

If you want to get rid of action games, try this different game, rainyatticroom. This game is a little bit emotional. It is about a depressed friend who lives alone in a room. And he is disturbed due to some reasons.

You have to find out why he is depressed and not coming out of the room. Talk to him and find out his issues in life.

You don’t have to complete any specific mission or target. The gameplay is also different and unique. You have to console and entertain your friend. Depression is a mental illness, and it may lead to suicide even. So, you have to escape your friend from this difficult phase.

The game starts with rainy weather, raining the whole year. On these rainy days, you go to the garret and meet your friend. Try to keep him happy.

Gameplay Of Rainy Attic Room Mod APK

This game is not made for everyone. It is not related to saving the world or fighting for the planet. It would help if you were cooperative and kind to help your friend. You have to listen to his story and assist him in finding a solution to the mishaps.

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Look all around the room, and there is dirt everywhere. Clean dirt, remove the spider web, and remove dust from furniture. These are the main things you must do in the rainy attic room game.

how to play rainy attic room

You have to take care of your friend and make the environment friendly. You can also decorate the room with decoration pieces and flowers in it. Change the environment and take out your friend from the disappointing life.

Rainy attic room game tips are helpful in this regard. These tips will help you how to play the game with great care. There may be a tragic story behind his sadness, so listen to him and understand the problem.

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You should visit the attic every day and motivate your friend. Also, some tasks are given such as cleaning of house and room. Talk politely to your friend and order the food for him. You should describe your life experiences to him and make him willing to back to life.

And you can also do many other things for him, such as taking him out for a tour or anything you consider right for your friend. You can get unlimited everything in the mod version.


There are the following cautions that you have to keep in your mind while playing the game rainy attic room mod apk. These are ;

  • This game is fiction-based, and you don’t have to take it seriously. Don’t follow the unrealistic content in the game. Prolonged use of this game may lead to bad effects on some people.
  • While playing this game, you are not allowed to change the time of your phone. This may lead to issues in game playing. Changing a day or even a few hours in the game may change the game completely.
  • The ad will show after a few minutes in the gameplay. You don’t have to skip them; you can visit them on the internet.

Main Features

Help A Friend

The game is in a sophisticated manner. BORAme released the game rainy attic room game hot water, which will blow your mind. This interactive game lets you help a depressed person. He is very disturbed because of his memories or other reasons.

You have to talk gently to that person and help him get rid of his disgusting life. You have to listen to the story. What has made his life barren?

rainy attic room game how to level up

Clean The Room

The environment also has a great impact on a person’s life. So, make his room neat and clean. If you see spider webs or dust anywhere, remove them and make them suitable. Then you feel that furniture has to be changed, then do appropriate changes in the room.

Take fresh flowers and decorate the room. In the rainy attic room cheat, you can also get rainwater for the complete cleanliness of the room.

Order The Food And Shop Many Things

You should talk to him and understand his emotions and feelings. You should also know how to talk in a rainy attic room for this. Another way to keep him happy is you should order the food for him and serve him. You can also serve the juices. Besides food, you can also shop for clothes and buy different items for him.

Emotional Touching

By the way, this game is especially for those who are sensitive and feel any little things that are not in favor. By playing this game they can change their mind and face the un favor things and hurtful touching. Yup rainy attic room game is for the soft people, I mean not for action lovers gamers, or aggressive minds.

rainy attic room to do list

Unlimited Everything

Get unlimited things and upgrade for free in the rainy attic room mod apk unlimited everything. With Money, you can buy different items such as clothes and shoes for him. You can also furnish the room.

Moreover, you can change the furniture, and it will look better. But the most important thing in the game is your conversation. You have to make him happy and help him get rid of his sad life.

Final Verdicts

I have tried to summarize all the information in this article. I have experienced the game rainy attic room apk. This game has a very strange outlook and interface. But once you play this casual game, you will surely want to play it again.

Talk very frankly to your friend and try to get information about your worries. Ups and downs are parts of life, and you can inspire him with your words. If you like this game, share it with friends and the other gaming community.


Is it safe to download the game rainy attic room mod apk?

There are no security bugs if you download the game from this website. But downloading it from another website may pose serious risks for the device.

What should I do if the game is deleted by mistake?

You should download it in the APk file. It will never delete on your phone. You can easily recover from the Apk files.

What's new

Please update to the latest version. 1. Fixed some spelling errors. 2. Modifying UI design.


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