Poppy Playtime Apk Chapter 1 v1.0.6 Latest For Android

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Here we welcome you with a brand new & fantastic game on our blog. Most players enjoy the puzzle games on their android devices to relieve their boredom, but once they can understand the sequence & strategy of that puzzle game, they get tired.

But how it will be if you play a horror game with puzzle elements? Tremendous! So today we are presenting a new game which is a mixture of horror and puzzles, named the Poppy Playtime Apk.

This game is so fantastic and excitement-filled that it has created its name on the google play store and app store. Consequently, the developer didn’t have to make a considerable effort to advertise this game.

These are the unique puzzle elements that have caused immense popularity worldwide. MOB Games Studio developed and published this game on 16 February 2022. Just read this game’s release date; you can imagine its level of popularity.

Horrible Storyline

The gameplay is slightly different from other traditional or classic games. If you have watched the Poppy Playtime Series, you can quickly get acknowledged with the whole story. However, this game belongs to the first chapter of that series.

At the start of the game, a toy factory ran smoothly and ranked among the world’s famous toy development companies. But one day suddenly all the staff and workers disappeared.

playtime poppy

In addition, this thrilling incident took place about ten years ago. Everyone has their suggestion about this terrible incident. But you have a new project on this factory as a former employer. So you have to restart this abandoned factory and work professionally without getting feared.

Now you must switch on the factory’s electricity and find out the hidden mystery by following clues. Now it’s up to you how you will solve the mystery!

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Main Features Of The Poppy Playtime Apk

Although this game offers many interesting and exciting features that make the game poppy playtime free download more popular, some of them are listed below here:

History & Background

As you know, this horrible accident took place about ten years ago in a toy factory. All the workers vanished suddenly within a day in this poppy playtime chapter 1. No one knows what happened and where they went.

That’s terrifying! But now you are sent to that toy factory to find out the unpredictable story and reason behind the scene and restart the factory. Will you find the story behind this terrible accident? Or will you also disappear like the other team?

Step Into Dark Room Collect

This building has been devastated with time, and all the rooms are ideally abandoned. Moreover, you must step into each room and collect all the toys. However, you will be given a grab bag of red and blue gloves that can quickly move heavy objects from one place to another. You can also de-energize electrical devices and wires.

poppy playtime for android

In addition, be careful, you don’t know if you will get back from the room or not and what will happen in the next moment. When you open the door, you can see various black shadows surrounding you. Please don’t get scared; they will not harm you until you make a mistake.

However, if you get attacked by the clouds, use your weapons to demolish them. A shining superpower flashlight is used to frighten the shadows. Whenever you throw light, they will run away in this princess poppy game.

Collect & Play Tape Videos

Here you can find various tape videos from the dark rooms and play them on a TV. It can prove to be solid proof behind the disappearance of workers. In one tape video, an intelligent doll is advertised by the boss who can speak, hear, listen and behave like a real girl.

In another video recording, you can hear the conversation between two employees: Rich and Avery. Suddenly, the screen gets black, and a big flower appears on a wall. What will you do in this situation?

Fascinating Missions & Challenges

Often children play with toys, but now it’s their turn to play with you. Be ready to face the terrifying shadows and ghosts in the form of toys. It becomes hard to differentiate between a toy doll and spirits. You don’t know whether you are touching a toy or a ghost.

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Moreover, your main task is to explore the building’s new dark rooms and toys. Although it looks complex, it will become easy if you are a brave man. Just focus on completing the game’s objectives, and you will get valuable rewards in poppy playtime game.

Download For Free

This excellent game is undoubtedly available on all platforms, including the google play store and app store. You can download it anywhere, anytime. Moreover, if you download this game from the app store or google play store, you have to pay real money to enjoy all the features.

Otherwise, you can not enjoy all features. So we are presenting a hacked version o fix this problem. This version is free of cost, and you have to pay nothing. In addition, all premium features are unlocked for free in poppy play time.

poppy playtime mobile

How To Download The Game?

    First of all, press the download button; it will direct you toward the download page.
    Wait for 10 seconds, and a new button will appear on the screen.
    Now press that download button, and you will get directed towards the Mediafire page.
    When you click on this download option, downloading will start automatically.


Q: Does Kissy Missy exist in real-time?

Yes, this character exists in real-time.

Q: Is Poppy Playtime Apk real or a story?

Poppy’s playtime is a story but does not exist in real life.

Q: Who is Huggy Wuggy in the puppy playtime?

First of all, you will meet this character. He is a terrible character with a construction hat on his head and a hammer in his hand.

Final Thoughts

Grab pack Poppy Playtime Apk is one of the most popular horror games on the app store. All the scenes and stories are created so that you can get frightened. But don’t lose your heart if you see a ghost in the game. Just keep going to explore new rooms and find the truth behind the terrible accident. Moreover, don’t get distracted by scary noises and footsteps; just explore new spaces and toys.

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