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If you are leading a busy life but still want to play games, we have found a perfect game for you, The immortal taoist mod apk. It is an idle simulation game that requires a little time. Or more appropriately, you have to put a little effort into it.

The game operations are automatic, but you will manage some things in the game. You can call it a demon and God game based on the Chinese novel XianXia.

Entrepreneur Game developed and published this fun word game in 2019. Our developers have made some changes and introduced a new modded version. In this version, players can get unlimited money and Jazz.

The cheats and hacks will help you to move smoothly in the game. You will also get exclusive free rewards and unlock all the classes like Scholar and many others. The players will find great entertainment here.

Immortal Taoist Gameplay of Immortal Taoist Mod APK

You will play the role of immortal in the form of a teacher, or a hunter cultivator. The gameplay is simple, you have to save the town’s people from evil forces. The missions are already specified. However, you can check the guide.

You will only select the character and the profession. Due to the lack of food in the village, you will mine resources, cultivate food and manage everything. After reaching Foundation 1, every mission is automated. You have to log in the day-to-day.

download Immortal Taoist Mod Apk

Solve maximum problems and grow more plants. You can hire some workers to speed up work. In this immortal world, your hero will fight against the kings and ensures peace. The levels are manageable. You can finish them readily.

A long time ago, the kings lived here and left their treasures like diamonds, coins, and rare plants. You will explore the village and find all the treasures. Moreover, you can adopt spiritual beasts and join immoral sects. The game is perfect for those players who love cultivation.

Main Features Of Immortal Taoist Mod APK 2023

Here are some unique features that the immortal taoist offers. Let’s discover what is present inside the game.

Master In Kang Fu Skills

You will learn many rare skills such as Kang fu skills. Along with that, you can get many elemental and physical spells. You can fight only with these abilities. First, you will select the cultivation plot and grow lands.

In the next stages, you will fight against the monsters, so use your fighting skills at the right time. As this is an idle game, so you don’t need to worry about the battles and enemies. You can beat all the rivals on the first try.

Finalize Your Destiny

If you want to become a hero in Wuxia novels, the immortal taoist mod apk will help you to fulfill your dreams. You will create a character, select a class and finalize your destiny. Whether you are a farmer or a scholar, the game is fantastic for every type.

Each class has different agility, perception, strength, and living style. Start your journey in the immortal taoists where you can find treasures i.e. magic talismans, immortality exilic, and rare herbs. Even a beggar in the game can become an ageless recluse and attain powerful spells.

Unlock New Buildings

After playing the initial levels, you can unlock your home and live with your workers. You can also hide rare items and precious diamonds in your house. At the start, you will get limited workers.

You can unlock many buildings and workers that help you throughout the game. You have to inspire your workers. Otherwise, they will lose their attention. And your food will not prepare on time.

Find Your Companion

The game is offline as well as online. In addition, you can play with your buddies and friends. It is incredible to get a companion in the game. You can alone do cultivation but it is always good to have a true lover.

Choose from many types of characters and treasure the thread of destiny that brings us closer to other people. Do you need someone who works with you and walks along the land?

Unlimited Jazz

You may not know about the Jazz in the game. It is a currency that you will get after completing missions. In the original version, you can do a little amount of jazz after many efforts. But today, we are granting you the altered version.

Forget all your worries about money because you will get infinite money at the start of the game. You can readily get all the desired things in the game. Even you can complete challenges without any difficulty.

Unlimited Everything

Another great advantage of the modified version is that you can get unlimited everything in the game. You can freely upgrade the characters and get extra skills. So, unlock more levels and discover new events to enjoy your time. No matter, whether you are a good player or not, you can achieve many performances that give you great pleasure.

Immortal Taoist Mod Apk 2022 free download

Moreover, you can buy all the things without worrying about their price because they are free. The altered version saves time and you can conquer anything.

Final Words

I hope you have gotten extensive detail about the immortal taoist mod apk. It allows you to become a king and rule over other people. The warriors and your companions will make your journey more enjoyable.

It requires minimum time and effort to win the game. The game also has vivid visual designs. I am sure you will get a sense of satisfaction after playing this game. So, don’t waste your time and download the cool game on your device.


How long are 100 years in immortal Taoist?
In the game, 100 years is equal to a single day. So, don’t worry, when you are asked to complete a mission in 100 years.
How do you grow immortality?
To achieve immortality, meditation, diet, exercise, and the use of herbs is best.
How can I upgrade inventory in the immortal taoist mod apk?


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