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Do you want to experience a visual novel game? Then girl house apk is a good option for you. And here, you have to select a lot of dialogue. Some choices can lead you to bad situations, but you can save your game as everything is maintained. Perform the character of a blond young man and enjoy life with many girlfriends.

Drive the car and tackle an accident with the truck. Move towards the hospital and get treatment with your favorite doctors. Bring back your lost memory and live a happy life with attractive girls in a home.

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Girl house latest update apk was released on 9 November 2019 by a famous gaming company Astaros3D. The developers have worked very hard to make all the things attractive. Therefore the graphics and sound quality are created so that the players feel they are in the real world.

Due to this establishment, the game has won people’s hearts and got 50M+ downloads in a very short time. And I am sure that this game will also gain fame from people in the next 3 to 4 months. So download girl house apk and enjoy a young man’s life without any problem.

Gameplay Of Girl House APK 2023

The story of the girl house mod apk latest version starts and here you have to play the role of a young man with attractive looks and styles. So all the girls like you due to your awesome personality. But you have a special girlfriend and one day you are riding with her in a red car.

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Unfortunately, your girlfriend distracts you, due to her odd activities. And you don’t have any focus on driving and you passed the red light. A truck is coming in front of your car in this condition, and your car collides with that truck. Then your condition becomes very critical and people take you to the hospital.

Girl house hacked apk

So when you open your eyes, you are in front of a female doctor that has awesome breasts. Now you have lost your memory and you don’t know who I was, where I came from, and many more. Live a patient’s life and regain your lost memory to start a new life, like a healthy man.

So with proper care, you can regain your memory but a problem appears in front of you. And in your car accident, the police found many illegal things.

Now you risk moving into jail, so try your full for getting freedom. And then live an enjoyable life with charming girls at any time in the home as a play-in-house chores mod apk with loving features.

Exciting Features

The girl house apk is one of the best trending games having many exciting features which are given below, read them as reading is a good thing for proper knowledge. And you will dive here completely because the developers have designed all these features for the users’ entertainment.

When you read these features from our site, you are sure you can understand them very easily. Because we always use simple and general language, our customers easily access their needs. In this way, they come to this site and get their exciting things.

Create Your Own Stories

Girl house cheat mod apk allows its users to create their own stories. Create a story that attracts you more but for this, you have to use the selector button on the screen. The role of this button is very appropriate and this will help you make an awesome story.

So when you are using this button, do not touch any other button because it can lose your game, and then you have to open the game again.

Plot Of The Game

After this, the police arrested him for cocaine and other drugs. Now it is on him to deal with this situation. But I recommend that he use every possible measure to prove himself an innocent man.

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The plot of the game contains a variety of bad movies and content. Because a young man faced the problem of an accident on the road. After this, he lost his memory and went into a coma. Wait a few seconds because the story does not have this end.

Wake Up On The Mid Night

Girl house apk mod money is based on good ideas and contains an awesome campus. That’s why I feel some difficulty in the explanation of the game. You have to perform the role of a young man that wakes up in the hospital at midnight.

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So you don’t know about yourself but two personalities know who you are and where you came from? These personalities are guardian angels and the devil. Meet with them and ask them about yourself. I am sure when you talk with them you can easily know yourself.

Girl House Mod Apk

Inclusive Puzzles

I am sure that you will not believe that this game has a lot of inclusive puzzles for you. And you have to solve such puzzles if you want to earn rewards. So click on the screen for moving into any corner of the game or your house. Try your best to make good interactions with people and many other things.

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Your normal duty is to talk with people anywhere and anytime. Also, you have to perform combat that contains three icons on the screen. Two icons are for left and right attacks while the last icon is for blocking. So use the attacking icons and defeat all of your enemies.

Final Thoughts

At this time, people face a lot of problems that cause boredom in them and they want to play an awesome game for the refreshment of their health. So for such people, the girl house apk is a good thing. Because by playing this game, they can experience how to deal with dangers.

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Just download this game and enjoy many impactful scenes. Regain your lost memory and live a happy life with a lot of girls. Enjoy the girl house apk hack all clothes, drive vehicles and solve different types of puzzles. Perform hundreds of tasks and win awesome rewards. I am very thankful to you, as you read this comprehensive article.


How do I download Girl House MOD APK?

The way to download the girl house mod apk is very easy. So visit our official website, just click on the download button and get it onto your devices.

Can this game be used on rooted devices?

No, this game can not be used on rooted devices, because it does not support native devices.

Is the girl house apk free?

Yes, the girl house apk is totally a free game, so you can play it anywhere and anytime without any payment.

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