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Game of khans is a kingdom game where you have to conquer the other kingdoms and make a romance with your own beautiful wives.
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Khan is a popular word who primarily used in the Asia region. It means the owner or planner of the city or kingdom. In other words, we can also say him the king of an area. So have you a wish to be a ruler of an empire? Then the game of khans mod apk is available here today, which will allow you to enjoy the feeling of a king on your cute little mobile.

It is made based on a kingdom. At first, you will be the khan of your domain. Then gradually, you have to set up your army and then move towards other realms to increase the length of your empire because every king wants to do this. This game is made as a role-playing game, but here you will find a lot of romance and adventure.

The whole people will under on you. There will be a lot of advisors who will help you make the right decisions in the pandemic situations. And there is no limit of wives in it which means you can be married to unlimited wives at a time. But you have to take care of them ideally and fulfill their needs equally. Because this is the only way by which every kid will love you and will work for you.

Overview Of Game Of Khans Mod Apk

It is not too old a game. Everything new is embedded in game of khans mod apk VIP unlocked, and every romantic thing that a king wants is now present. This game’s release date was 3 July 2021, which means it has not been completed yet. But around about 6.5M+ people have downloaded this game right now from the play store. That means it is an exciting game because gamers love it more and more day by day.

game of khans gift code

Mechanist Internet Technologies has developed the game of khan and published it on the google play store. But in that original version, many powerful items and things are not free. You have to pay real money to unlock and use premium items. But here on this website, the modified version of this game is available where all the premium stuff is free of cost. Everything is unlocked already in this modified game. So tell me why you need to pay for a premium version while you already have everything unlocked here.

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Main Features Of The Game

Below are the main features of this game, which will help you play this game perfectly after downloading it. If you want to start the career of this game ideally without making any mistakes, then read all these features in full detail and then download and install it.

Discover The Powerful Tribes

War is not the only way to win the trust of your people and other people in your area. Every famous and handsome king tries to win the trust of different tribes with peace and fair dealings. So wander with your powerful army and discover the new powerful and robust tribes. Make bigger deals with them and win their trust with your honesty. But always keep in your mind that every tribe will not be sincere with you, so always take care of yourself.

Shake Hands With Rulers

To increase the army for a more significant battle, it’s necessary to win the trust of little rules which rule little cities. Guide them and take beautiful advice from them to win their trust ideally. Shake hands with them but always get work with honesty because honesty is the best people who will make you a loveable king among your whole nation.

Fall In Love With Their Daughters

When a high amount of money and power cannot work, there is a strong relationship that works like a son-in-law relationship. So when you get to work with honesty and give them relief, then the daughter of chieftains will automatically fall in love with you. In this way, it would be so easy for you to win their trust and rule them according to your own rules in the future. Make a lot of romance with beautiful girls and make them your wives to build a more storm relationship.

Take Advice From Handsome Advisors

To rule an empire perfectly, it’s necessary to give and take advice from knowledgeable persons. So there will be a lot of beautiful handsome advisors who will help you a lot to make the right decision according to the situation. Always take a piece of advice from them carefully and follow them to do something bigger. You can also perform a step according to your mind.

Build New Cities

To give a perfect living place, it’s necessary to build new cities and villages for your people. These new cities and towns will allow your people to perform new businesses and dealings. Build new cities and flourish them ideally to make them adorable. As more your cities look beautiful, the more people in industry and people will be attracted to your kingdom.

Conquer The Battlefields

As you know that everything cannot be done with fair dealings. Sometimes it’s necessary to make the fight with your enemies. To increase your power, the argument is also required to conquer the new kingdoms and lands. So please set up your army, take the beautiful advice from your advisors, and follow your opponent on the battlefield to vanish him completely.

Unlimited Money

Money is the main currency of game of khans cheat by which we can unlock new kingdoms and new items to fight with bravery. That’s why it’s necessary to buy premium items with real money. But every gamer has not enough money to spend on this game. In this way, we have embedded new codes in it by which unlimited money is present in this game. So if you don’t want to spend your money and enjoy the premium stuff, then this game of khans mod apk is the best option for all of you.


On which empire is this game based?

This game is made based on the Mongolian empire of 12 the century.

Is the game of khans hack online or offline?

This game needs a stable internet connection.


The game of khans mod apk is personally made on the history of the Mongolian empire. We all know that the Mongolian empire was fantastic, and their khans are so famous due to their ruling of the whole world. If you are also interested in ruling a vast kingdom, we only suggest you play this game for a perfect khan experience. You can check its gameplay here.


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