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People do not take interest in dystopian games. Because such games do not provide them an opportunity to enjoy their features. So if you are one of them then the best option for you in this situation is cyberika mod apk unlimited money latest version 2022. This action-adventure story game is set up in a cyberpunk universe and you can explore the whole city as you want. Is it not interesting?

Here, you can customize your appearance from face to feet. You can also upgrade various things like speed and strength. Many challenges are waiting for you including stealing, fights, and many other things. Moreover, you are going to follow such an extraordinary story in which a chip is put in your mind and also you can use superweapons.

The game is very popular on the google play store because it is developed by Kefir. About 100M+ people have downloaded this awesome version and a lot of people play it daily. So what are you waiting for? Just download this hacked version and play it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to write a review and to support us. Exciting gameplay is also given below.

Gameplay Of Cyberika Mod Apk 2022

The attractive world of cyberika hacked apk is set in the future called a cyberpunk universe. In Bradbury’s world, your role is like a mercenary that performs the duties of a commander. There are many conspiracies and actions for you. This adventurous game is filled with fighting and infiltration. Many monsters and evil forces are also waiting to harm you. So be careful and chase them so that everyone will start their normal life.

Cyberika Mod Apk with unlimited features

It enables you to adjust your appearances like skin, hair color, and clothes. Cyberpunk android games have third-perspective views and you can easily visit the whole city by driving a car. If you become successful in your missions then you get many rewards. There are many deadly weapons that will help you against your enemies.

As the game proceeds, you get a shot and are near to die but a company saves you. On the orders of that company, many scientists work and put a computer chip in your head. Due to that chip, you will watch bad dreams. If you become intense from these troubles then explore the scientists that had made the chip. Similar, the horrible game play of marvel future mod apk as we saw in real movies.

Exciting Features

Below here is full detail about all the main features of cyberika hack mod apk download. By reading them carefully you will be able to play this game in a master way. So first read these features and then download this awesome Cyberika action cyberpunk RPG game on your mobile.

Customize Your Character

The game is a source of fun as it allows you to explore the awesome settings. This RPG game is a unique source. Here, you can customize your own character from mouth to feet such as the face, skin clour, and hair color. You have also the ability to change shirts, pants, and shoes. All these changes make your personality unique and you become very popular in your manners.

Design Your Car

As it is an environment of fresh technology so everyone is upgrading their things. By doing this they feel cool and gain a lot of benefits. Cyberpunk driving mod allows you to increase the speed of your vehicles. Here, your main vehicle is a car so you can also decorate your car with good-looking things

Decorate Your Home

The modern era has developed a sense of decoration in people. As the decoration makes things beautiful that’s why everyone is trying to decorate its things. Cyberika apk mod gives you an opportunity to decorate your home. You have the capability to make wonderful designs on the walls and ceilings. By doing this, the home will look so wonderful. In your wonderful home, you can take a rest, enjoy with shower, and order noodles from the shops.

Explore The Scientists

The cyberpunk mod menu gives you a lesson that the exploring process of things increases their demands. Here, you have to search for some scientists that had put a computer chip in your mind. It makes your condition very critical. That’s why you become intense from these troubles and thirst for a normal life. So when you find such scientists do not leave them alone and also take revenge on them.

Always Defeat Your Enemies

To defeat anyone is not so easy but after playing this awesome game you learn a lot. In cyberika mod apk, there are many enemies that wanted to harm you. To protect yourself, You can use deadly weapons like Snipers, Pistols, and Hand grenades. You can also harm your enemies because it is the first rule for success. So if you do not defeat them in present then they will harm you in the future. So be careful of them, use all safety measures, and always try to defeat them.

Cyberika Mod APK

Mod Features

This version of the game is fully hacked. The content quality is best and also it has super-quality graphics. So in this hacked version, you can access unlimited hacked features like cyberika cheat codes. while in the real version you can not get accessibility like that. So to overcome this problem all mod features of the game are given below.

Get Unlimited Money

In this hacked version, you can get cyberpunk unlimited money. So you can buy everything in the game that you like. While in the real version all these hacked features are locked and you can not get any unlimited money. The only way is that you can buy things from the game shop if you spend your real money but it is so costly. So always purchase awesome things and be happy with unlimited money.

Get Upgraded Materials

As it is an era of attraction so people love the best looking things. Because the upgrade process of things makes them wonderful and they look very pretty. On the other hand, if you do not upgrade your things then they will look ugly. But this game gives you the opportunity to upgrade various materials. Here, you can upgrade various guns skin, and cars that are so attractive.


Cyberika Mod Apk is a very popular game on the google play store. Because it entertains people very much. After playing this awesome game you will learn about driving and if you want then you be a driving expert. You can also gain instructions about all the deadly weapons. The way to play this game is so simple. Just download this hacked version and play it with your competitors.


Q1: Is it a safe game?

Yes, it is totally a safe game. As it is completely checked by our developers.

Q2: Can I use the tools when it is non-rooted?

No, you can not use tools when it is non-rooted on your mobile. Because it will ban your account in the game.

Q3; What can I do when it stops working on my phone?

When the game stops working on your mobile then first update it. Because update makes the game very smooth. Otherwise, If it’s not updated, then this mod apk won’t work.

Q: Is Cyberika Mod Apk a good game?

Yes, absolutely it is a good game as 100M+ people have downloaded it.

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