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The criminal case mod apk is available here with unlimited energy and hints.
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People play different types of mystery and puzzle games on their android devices. But sometimes, these games do not prove attractive to them. In this situation, the criminal case mod apk is the only option to solve all their problems. Here, you are an investigator, so investigate criminal cases. Try your best to find the secret things and get clues about the murder. Collect evidence and catch the murderer in jail. Solve such criminal issues and get awesome prizes from the game community.

Criminal case offline mod is developed and published by a famous gaming company named Pretty Simple. In 2013, the game was first released for the IOS users and then for android users. It was noted that this game had crossed the downloads of 100M in 2013, and also it was awarded the title of “Best Mobile Game,” which shows that this game is very popular in the whole world. Now it has downloads of 500M+, then don’t think much and download criminal case for pc. And feel free to play this game with your friends and other people.

Gameplay Of Criminal Case Mod Apk

The criminal case game is very interesting, and you should play it on your android and IOS devices. Here, you have to perform the role of a policeman who wants to catch the city’s criminals. And that strict policeman is not providing them any opportunity. It is the good luck of such criminals, and that’s why they are moving freely in the game. Find clues and try your best to catch them as early as possible. Keep in mind that such criminals are very dangerous and can give you damage. So beware of them and use all the safety measures to protect all. I am sure here you will like all the things. If you face any problems in the game, then contact us through our official page.

criminal case unlimited energy apk free download

Move into every corner of the game by just touching the screen. So when you visit different places, you will find a lot of clues. And I assure you that such clues will be a good option for catching criminals. Because clues are solid proof that can be used to find the murderer, sometimes, you can face a few problems with clues, as your enemies are very sharp and they try their best for don’t leave the clue. You have to work with patience and wait for the opportunity in this situation. So try to achieve a chance to find the murderers with their clues and send such clues to the head of the department. Finding the clues is not easy, and it needs hard work. So give your maximum time to this game and clear such criminals to be popular.

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Exciting Features

Customize Your Character

If you are worried about how I can catch dangerous criminals, then don’t think too much because the criminal case app download gives you the opportunity. Here you are capable of the customization of your characters, which means you can easily access the criminals. So before moving into the criminal case game free download, don’t forget to customize your character from head to toe. And change eyes, face, skin color, and many other things you want. Also, you can give a specific name to your character.

Investigate Crimes

As criminal cases save the world has many criminals, the game community allows you to start the investigation of such crimes. Play the role of an honorable policeman and explore the criminals. Find new and hidden places to get the clues. Keep in mind that clues are the best option for catching criminals. So if you get any clues, then transfer them to the head of your department. When you do this, the police will take strict action against such criminals, and you can easily put them into jail.

Search The Culprits

Searching for the culprits is very risky and needs a lot of hard work in real life. But in the hack criminal case android, everything is possible with a single touch. So after the collection of clues, it is not so hard to search for the culprits. It would be best to focus on the clues because you can also meet those criminals when you get the hints. Everything in the game is not helpful for you. So there is a better need for analysis for every piece of indication, and then you can catch such dangerous culprits in a very short time.

Punish The Criminals

As I have mentioned, the criminal case city of romance download contains a lot of criminals, and all of them cause a disturbance for the civilians. As a police officer, it is up to you how you can deal with them. But my suggestion is to punish such criminals due to their bad work. So when you punish them, they do not do such bad functions again, and you can easily make peace in a suitable region.

Unlimited Hints

If you want to solve the cases immediately, it is good news for you because the criminal mod contains unlimited hints. You can make all the impossible things possible by using such endless tips. So there is no need to worry about the solution of cases. The only requirement for unlimited hints is getting through the criminal case game hack. So feel free and start capturing the criminals.

Unlimited Energy

Download criminal mods and get unlimited energy, as the game is based on capturing criminals, so there is a need for infinite power. Because when you move behind them, you may lose your energy, and you can regain your lost energy from here. So you need to focus on the destruction of the criminals, as they are very dangerous and cause corruption. You can minimize the deterioration with this unlimited energy when you catch them.


If you want to get the modded version of the criminal case, you are right. Because today I am granting you a criminal case mod apk which is a modded version. So here, you can perform a lot of missions for punishing criminals. Learn how a policeman tackles the criminals. Use all the possible measures for the peace of the city. Enjoy new and secret places for clues. So if you love such things, then download the criminal case for android just with a single touch.


Q: Is criminal case mod apk light size?

No, the criminal case mod apk doesn’t have a light size; it contains a length of 150MB.

Q: Is this game safe to download?

Yes, this game is safe to download from this site.

Q: Can I download the criminal case mod apk from the google play store?

No, you can not download the criminal case mod apk from the google play store because the google play store does not support this game.


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