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Human beings love adventures as it builds confidence in them. You will get life-changing experiences in the adventures. Moreover, you will discover yourself in these moments. After seeing the interest of the people, the developers have released many adventurous games on online forums. Bulma adventure apk is a glorious action-adventure game in which you will play the role of the Bulma who wants to get the dragon balls. Till now, three installments of the Bulma adventure have been released.

Although the game belongs to the action genre, you will see many romantic scenes. These scenes add to the beauty of the game. Moreover, the game was released by Bulma developers. The game has been verified by Google. So you can find the official version on the app store. However, it has been updated, and a new apk rendition is also available in which you can obtain unlimited money and all maps without completing any missions.

Beautiful Storyline

The game takes you into a virtual world where you will meet Bulma, Goku, and many interesting characters. But Bulma changes her appearance after 18. She has purple hair, moderate height, a nice costume, and fair skin. Your Bulma is under oppression and facing hard times among rivals. Your mission is to fight against the opponents and save her. Some strong bosses will cut your way. But you have to be steadfast. The charming story attracts more than anything in the game.

Bulma Adventure Apk 2022

You can also modify the character and change the complete outlook. In this free world, you can build a dream house and live with your companions. The game has millions of downloads due to the adult content. You will find many hot animated characters.

You can make a girlfriend and spend romantic moments with them. The interface is much simplified and the beginners can set everything according to their wish. Complete the tasks, build new relations and climb the leaderboards. The game is very addictive and astonishing.

Top Features Of Bulma Adventure Apk

Design Your Own Story

The players can change the complete story of the game. Firstly, you will follow the story of Bulma and Goku. After passing through different stages, you can create your storyline to make the game more enjoyable. Do everything in the game that is not possible in real life. I am sure you will remember the game for a long time. Make new friends inside the game. You can change the whole storyline and end in the virtual world.

Build Your Character

This particular game allows you to design a character of your choice. Use different characters at different stages of the game. You will choose from different hairstyles, skin colors, and dresses to give a sexual touch to the female character. Develop your character with desired attributes. You can become a gentle & caring boyfriend and impress the princess. Take care of the queen and save her from devils. The queen will love you too.

Magnificent 3D Illustrations

The graphics are 3D and highly vivid. It seems that you are a part of an animated TV show. It brings excitement and thrill at every moment. The stunning graphics will engage you for hours on end. The game has improved much due to special effects and new illustrations.

Bulma Adventure Apk Latest Version

The characters, especially the girls, are beautiful and have decent looks. You can change their costumes too. Moreover, the sound effects are awesome and highly clear. The game content is updated constantly. So keep connected with the game. In each update, you will find new characters.

Multiple Scenes

In this classical game, you have to accomplish various side missions. For example, you have to assist Bulma in her photo shoot. You will cut the bush and give the hidden butterfly costume to Bulma. For each puzzle, you will get some hints that help you finish the quest quickly. However, there are many memorable scenes in the game. Such as you can flirt with her and go on dates or spend a night with her.

Unlimited Coins & Gems

Like in real life, it is hard to make money in the game. You will lose the money if you are unable to complete the mission. But in the patch, you can get unlimited money which will never reduce. You can use this money to upgrade the character, unlock outfits and get new machines. You can fly, swim or move fastly with the help of these machines. Make sure to spend your quality time in the game. You can jump to higher levels very easily in the modified versions.

Unlocked All Maps

In the recent version of Bulma adventure apk you will explore the beautiful world. You can independently move into the library, garden tree house, and rooms. All the maps are unlocked in the modified version. Apart from this content, cute animals like cats, dogs, and piggies are also present. You can play with these animals and attain rewards from them. The game includes a lot of puzzles, you have to solve them to proceed to the following levels.

Final Assumptions

Bulma adventure apk is an amazing adult game with a deep storyline and attractive characters. In this particular article, I have tried to deliver all the information related to this game. Honestly, the game is highly addictive. Its storyline has attracted a lot of people.

Most importantly, the apk version is 100% safe to download. Our developers have tested it many times, and there are no security issues. You can take the screenshots and share them with your friends too. I hope you will enjoy the premium features of our site. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many versions of Bulma adventure apk are released?
The developers have uploaded three versions of the game bulma adventure apk. Still, the developers are working on it.
How can I get unlimited coins in the Bulma adventure game?
To attain unlimited coins in the game, download the apk version of Bulma adventure. In addition, you will unlock all the characters and maps.

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